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Scheduled Game Tournaments
Game Date Type Status Buy-In Pool Prize(s)
FREE week of: Nov. 6 Texas Hold 'Em (FL) coming soon ------- ------- (details)
FREE week of: Nov. 6 Stud (7-card) coming soon ------- ------- (details)
FREE week of: Nov. 6 Stud-Hi/Lo (7-card) coming soon ------- ------- (details)
FREE October 21 and 22 Hold 'Em/Stud/Hi-Lo (completed) 100+9 credits credits (details)
FREE December 2011 to be announced coming soon ------- ------- (details)
Poker Games

Card Room

Poker tournaments are held in the private Card Room for Members. Chat in the lobby and during play. Download this trusted software and play online.

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Pool, Chess, Checkers Games


Pool, Chess and Checkers tournaments are held in the Virtual World (3D). You can chat during play. No software to install - login securely and play online.

Chess             Checkers
Game Rooms

Card Room

Download this trusted software to access the Poker Tournaments Card Room.
Windows 98 (or higher), Mac, Linux (System Requirements)

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Play tournaments in the 3D Virtual World. Pool, Chess and Checkers are hosted games in Oldee's Clubhouse. Accept our invitation when you first join for access.

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