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Meet Members at our private Clubhouse in a
social network setting for live, real-time chat
with real people - not robots!  You can
privately and publicly chat with one person,
a group, and  broadcast to the entire world
and be heard!  You can also meet the
general public in this world. 
Some of the many areas for you to explore
include these exciting places:  all types of
social clubs, games to play everywhere,
play games and activities alone, PvP, role-
playing, tournaments, missions, sports and
more.  Shop, sell and trade your products
with Gold and Tokens.  You instantly
receive currency to spend in this virtual
world when you sign-up.  Go to  beaches,
bars, restaurants, rides, parties, shows,
meet people and socialize in their homes,
network and much more to keep you busy! 
There's lots to do for all adults -
it's not just child's play!  Visit as often
as you want, 24 hours, anytime.
Create and customize your avatar!  Change the look of your avatar anytime you want. 
Create and design your own home spaces, houses and worlds.  Invite as many guests as you want!
You can network and share while visiting this world.  Invite guests to visit you at your place!  YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hi-5, Bebo and Flickr are part of the network here.
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