"The Big T.N.T. Show" (Concert)  (1966)
Artists: Joan Baez, The Byrds, Ray Charles/Ray Charles Orchestra, Bo Didley, Donovan, Lovin' Spoonful, Roger Miller, The Modern Folk Quartet, The Ronettes, Ike&Tina Turner and the Ikettes, and David McCallum.
Hits from the 1960's. Live performances by some of the top Rock 'N Roll acts of the 1960's..
Music | Classics | rock&roll | 1hr:35mins.
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"Stomp"  (1980)
Artist: Brothers Johnson
Hits from the 1980's.
Music | Retro | r&b/funk/disco | 6:36mins.
"Bounce Skate Rock Roll"  (1979)
Artist: Vaughan Mason
Hits from the 1970's.
Music | Retro | r&b/disco | 3:06mins.
"Boogie Down"  (1974)
Artist: Eddie Kendricks
Eddie "Corn" Kendricks (December 17, 1939 - October 5, 1992).
Hits from the 1970's.
Music | Retro | r&b/disco | 7:02mins.
"Born To Be Alive"  (1979)
Artist: Patrick Hernandez
Hits from the 1970's.
Music | Retro | r&b/disco | 7:22mins.
Benny Goodman  (1936-1938)
Featuring Helen Ward: Smoke Dreams (1937), The Glory Of Love (1936), There's A Small Hotel, These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You, Too Good
To Be True (1936), You Came To My Rescue, You Turned The Tables On
Me (1936), You're A Heavenly Thing / Featuring Johnny Mercer: Cuckoo in
the Clock / Featuring Lena Horne: Blues In My Flat (1938).
Music | Classics | big band/jazz | 27mins.
"They Can't Take That Away From Me"  (June 30, 1937)
Artist: Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday's full name was Eleanora Fagan (April 7, 1915 July 17, 1959).
Hits from the 1930's. Recorded live at the Savoy Ballroom. Backed by the iconic
Count Basie Orchestra.
Music | Classics | jazz | 2:53mins. | 3.96 mb | MP3 | Free Download
"Minnie The Moocher"  (1931)
Artist: Cab Calloway, The Blues Brothers, Irving Mills
Cab Calloway's name:  Cabell Calloway III (December 25, 1907
November 18, 1994).
Hits from the 1930's.
Music | Classics | jazz/blues | 3:23mins. | 1.55 mb | MP3 | Free Download
"The Man From Harlem"  (1932)
Artist: Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Cab Calloway's name:  Cabell Calloway III (December 25, 1907
November 18, 1994).
Hits from the 1930's.
Music | Classics | jazz/blues | 3:12mins. | 2.94 mb | MP3 | Free Download
Cab Calloway  (1930's)
Playlist: Quarter To Three, Ad De Dey, Are You All Reet, Are You Hep To The
Jive, Blues In The Night, Boo Wah Boo Wah, Call Of The Jitterbug, Calloway
Boogie, Coming Home, Foo A Little Ballyhoo, Girdle Jazz, Harlem Hospitality,
He Can Conga, Hey Doc, I Ain't Got Nobody, I Get the Neck Of The Chicken,
I'll Get By, It Looks Like Susie, Jazz, Hi De Ho.
Music | Classics | jazz/blues | 60mins. | 20-singles | 60 mb | MP3
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"Jammin'"  (1977)
Artist: Bob Marley & the Wailers
Bob Marley's name: Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley (February 6, 1945
May 11, 1981).
Hits from the 1970's.
Music | Videos | Retro | reggae | 3:15mins.