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Poker Tournaments

How to Enter and Play

Play any Tournament Game(s) of your choice. You must register for each Tournament Game announced. To enter multiple tournaments, please submit one registration entry form per game.

You must have the full amount of Credits ('Chips or Tokens') required for the tournament at the start of the game. Chips are played in Poker Tournaments, and Tokens are played in the Clubhouse (Pool, Chess, Checkers and Chinese Checkers Tournaments). Credits can be purchased ('Buy-In'), or by redeeming a Tournament Ticket ("Freeroll").

For further information regarding tournament games, please refer to the Tournament Rules and Terms.

How to Enter Tournament Game(s):

1. Choose the tournament you want to play.

2. Purchase Credits, or redeeming a Tournament Ticket ("Freeroll").

The amount of Credits needed for each game is located under the "Buy-In" column in the 'Scheduled Game Tournaments'.

3. Complete the registration form. All forms are located under the heading "Register" (in Tournament Game web page). Make sure you are registering for the right tournament - each game has its own registration form.

4. Once your registration form is received, a confirmation of your registered tournament will be sent to you via e-mail. Your confirmation is important! When you enter a Poker tournament, the confirmation contains the game room website ("URL") that you must use in order to locate the table for the game. If you do not receive the confirmation shortly after you register, please contact us immediately so we can resend it to you (check the "spam/bulk mail" first). It is your responsibility to inform us in a timely manner if this occurs before the date of the tournament.

Registration Form:

To complete the Registration Form, please do the following:

1. Enter the Game Number (located under the first column ("Game") in the 'Scheduled Game Tournaments'.
2. Enter your real Name (as it appears on the payment form when you joined
3. Enter your Screen Name is your current UserID member login (
4. Enter your E-Mail address. This is where the confirmation of your registration will be sent (and any notifications regarding the tournament, if applicable).

5. If you have a Ticket Tournament Number:   enter the entire Ticket Number in the form. * (Leave the space blank if you do not have a Ticket Tournament Number).
*Note: Only Members can access the Registration Form.   To participate in any Tournament Games, join and enter a tournament today!

How to Enter the Tournament Game Room:

The Card Room (Poker tournaments):   In order to access the game room, download the secure software located in Tournament Game web page.

Due to security reasons, all of our games are private tournaments and are not hosted publically on web browsers. The software has been tested by our technical staff and found that it contains absolutely no viruses, malware, spam or anything that could harm your computer.

How to Enter Tournament Games in the Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse (Pool, Chess, Checkers and Chinese Checkers tournaments):   In order to access the Clubhouse, you must login to the 3D Virtual World.

How to enter the Tournament Game Room to play (using the game software): Members - login to view these instructions.

How to enter the Clubhouse to play in the 3D Virtual World: Members - login to view these instructions.

The Tournament Games:

The Card Room. When you enter the Card Room, you will be in the lobby. You can chat here, or take a seat while waiting for other Players. All playing chips will automatically available to all Players once you are seated in the Card Room.

The Clubhouse. When you enter the Clubhouse, you will see the game tables. You can chat here, or hang-out in the Clubhouse while waiting for other Players.

As with most tournaments, your goal is to eliminate all players at the table(s). Some Tournaments require that you play a series of games within a specific time period to determine the winner(s). Usually, the winner is the last one remaining at the table after playing one game.

An email is automatically sent asking you to select your prize(s). Your Screen Name will be posted on the website. For security reasons, we never display your real name nor any personal information! All game play is logged by Oldee Management from the beginning to the end of the game tournament. This eliminates the possibility of cheating, hacking, etc.

(Members - login for all details).


Prize Awards

All Tournament Games have Prize Award(s). An email requesting prize selection(s) is automatically sent immediately to the winner(s) at the end of each tournament. Prizes are immediately awarded for each Tournament Game after the winner has made their selection(s).

Prize Pool:

The more players in the tournament, the more tables, the bigger the pot! Invite gamers that you know who are interested in registering for game tournaments and get a freeroll for each person that joins and registers to play!

The value of all Prize Awards can be applied to:

1. Future Tournament Games.  Refer to "Tournament Ticket".
2. Virtual items and/or services in the 3D Virtual World.
3. Cash.

If specified - Prize Awards can also be applied to:

Tournament Ticket:
1. Redeem the Ticket for cash.
2. Redeem the Ticket can be redeemed for tournaments in the Card Room and the Clubhouse.
Usually the Ticket can be redeemed in the same place that it is won. For example, if you win the Ticket in the Card Room, you can redeem it for a another tournament only in the Card Room. In the Clubhouse, you can redeem it for a another tournament only in the Clubhouse.

Other Items:
Any other prize awards that are announced (for example, downloads, etc.).

(Members - login for more details).


Poker Tournament Rules

Members - login for the list of rules.


Terms / Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information is never shared nor sold for any reason (except for any legal warrants ordered by any legitimate legal court that we must adhere to by law).
Members - login for Terms / Privacy.


Game Client / Payments

Members - please login for more detailed information.

Game Software:

- Poker Tournaments - Card Room.   Download the trusted software for access.
- Pool, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers - Clubhhouse.   No installation required - Login to the 3D Virtual World.

Security and Game Integrity: maintains the highest standard of security and game integrity. All information is protected by encryption technology. All games are monitored and ensured that all aspects of our tournament games are conducted in the best interest of our players.


All payments made to are secure. All information is transmitted via SSL data encryption (168 bits - the highest level commercially available) for all transactions to protect all of our Members (customers).

New Players

New Players / Members

Get 100% Credit Deposit when you join - Play your first tournament - Free!
When you register and enter to play in your first tournament, you will automatically receive the full amount of Credits required for the Tournament Game of your choice (up to 500 Credits).

Poker Tournaments:
Once you are seated at the game table, all of your free Credits ('chips') will be available at the start of the game!

Pool, Chess, Checkers and Chinese Checkers Tournaments:
When you enter the Clubhouse, sign-in and instantly receive all of your free Credits ('tokens') to play the game!