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Author Topic: Login to Oldee's Clubhouse  (Read 6673 times)
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« on: December 14, 2010, 05:48:45 PM »

Oldee's Clubhouse is for Members of Oldee.net

Members of this Forum have access only to post and read the Forum, and no access to the Theater and the 3D Virtual World where Oldee's Clubhouse is located - Join Oldee.net and get full access to everything - now!

To Login:  
1. Go to the 3D World web site and login, or login to Oldee.net: on the "Welcome" page with the featured movies, click the link that says "Visit Oldee's Clubhouse! (3D World)".  You can also click the link in the "Welcome" e-mail that you received when you joined.  

If you forgot your login or password, request it directly from 3D World, and you will receive a prompt response (your login is to access 3D World only).  
Note:  Your login for 3D World is not the same login as the Theater or Forum.

2.  Once you are logged into 3D World, click on "Places" (located at the bottom of your screen)
and then click: "Search".  

3.  Type in the search box:  Oldee's Clubhouse and click "Go".  You can enter the Clubhouse anytime and as often as you want.  Only Members of oldee.net are allowed to access the Clubhouse.  You cannot bring "guests" with you but you can politely ask them to join oldee.net so they can hang-out and receive all of the benefits that you do!


1.  Add Oldee's Clubhouse to your Favorites List for future reference.  You won't have to do a search again - just click on "Places" and then click "Favorites" to quickly locate us.

2.  Your Screen Name is important!  You can only enter the Clubhouse with the Screen Name you joined with.  If you change it, you will no longer have access to the Clubhouse.  Any Gold, Tokens, items, etc. will be removed since it is connected to that given Screen Name.  If you still want to change it, you can do so but you will start from scratch!  When you log in with your new Screen Name, please contact us by e-mail to let us know your old Screen Name one so we can change it in our records so you can continue to access the Clubhouse. (Your new Screen Name in the e-mail will be on record).

3.  Always check-in at the Clubhouse while visiting 3D World to find out about our Members Promotions in 3D World (and the Theater).  You can also watch videos, get freebies and other gifts, attend "virtual" parties and events that you will not receive unless you check-in to the Clubhouse.

4.  You can hang-out for as long as you want at the Clubhouse.  Visit the Clubhouse as often as you want while exploring the entire virtual world!

5.  Not always will an Oldee representative be present when you arrive.  If you need help with anything regarding only the Clubhouse, you can click on the "Welcome Member" screen for assistance, or contact us by e-mail in 3D World.

6.  If you need help with anything in 3D World, you can click "Help" or ask a Helper or Moderator.  Any purchases, etc. made in 3D World is not Oldee.net.  The Clubhouse is a great place for our Members to meet and socialize.  Oldee is not responsible for anything that you do outside of the Clubhouse while you are visiting the virtual world.

7.  Check the Calendar here at the Forum - Oldee events and Member events for virtual world are sometimes posted here.

If you still have questions or comments, please post them here in the Forum.  Thank you!
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