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Sherlock Holmes  (2009)  
After finally catching serial killer and occult "sorcerer" Lord Blackwood legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson can close yet another successful case. But when Blackwood mysteriously returns from the grave and resumes his killing spree Holmes must take up the hunt once again.
cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong
Films | adventure/mystery | color | 2hrs:08 mins. | 624x336 | 692 mb | XviD
Sherlock Holmes: The Sleeping Cardinal  (1931)  
This is a rare Sherlock Holmes film and was released under the title Sherlock Holmes' Fatal Hour.A card cheat is threatened with exposure into joining a criminal enterprise that Holmes believes is controlled by Professor Moriarity.
cast: Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming, Minnie Rayner
Films | mystery | b&w | 82mins. | 320x240 | 339 mb | MP4 | Free Download
Silent Night, Bloody Night  (1974)  
A man inherits a mansion, which once was a mental home. He visits the place and begins to investigate some crimes that happened in old times, scaring the people living in the region. 
cast: Patrick O'Neal, James Patterson, Mary Woronov
Films | horror/thriller | black&white | 1hr:25mins.
Snoopy Come Home  (1972)  
When Snoopy receives a letter from his original owner, Lila, he goes to visit her
in the hospital while Charlie Brown and the gang are on the lookout for him.
Suddenly Snoopy feels that he must go live with Lila but must say goodbye to
all his friends.  On his way to the hospital, Snoopy encounters many adventures!
voices: Chad Webber, Robin Kohn, Stephen Shea, David Carey
Films | family/cartoons | color |  78mins.
Son of the Navy  (1940)  
A sailor hitchhiking to his base at San Pedro and an orphan boy who has taken
along his dog in a search for a mother and father meet up on the road.  The
sailor decides it would be easier to get a ride if they pretended to be father and
son; the boy has other ideas. 
cast: Jean Parker, James Dunn, Martin Spellman
Films | drama | b&w | 71mins. | 320x240 | 295 mb | MP4 | Free Download
Spider Baby  (1968)  
A rare disease causes the members of the dwindling Merryre clan to regress psychologically as they age. When long-lost relatives begin to invade their inner sanctum, the remaining Merryre's begin to take murderous revenge on their intruders.
cast: Lon Chaney, Carol Ohmart, Quinn K. Redeker
Films | horror/thriller | black&white | 1hr:20mins.
Storm Riders ("Fung wan: Hung ba tin ha") (1998)
Action-packed adventure about an evil warlord takes in two students in an
effort to become invincible so he can take over the world.  It's a free-for-all
supernatural battle and only one will emerge the victor! Special effects makes
for a good video game! (English subtitles) (Asia)
cast:  Sonny Chiba, Aaron Kwok-Smith
Films | foreign/marial arts | color | 120mins. | 640x480 | 896 mb | DivX |  Trailer
That Darn Cat  (1965)  
A woman is kidnapped. While in captivity, she manages to send a message out with a wandering cat.  It takes a Siamese secret agent to unravel the PURR-fect crime!  
cast: Hayley Mills, Dean Jones, Dorothy Provine, Roddy McDowall
Films | family/comedy | color | 1hr:56 mins. | 320x240 | 671 mb | XviD |  Trailer
The Amazing Adventure  (1936)  
A bored millionaire wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class job for year without touching his inheritance.
cast: Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorne
Films | drama | black&white |  62mins.
The Bashful Bachelor  (1942)  
The second film in the movie adaptation of Lum and Abner radio program.Lum Edwards is annoyed with his partner in Pine Ridge's Jot-'em-Down general store, Abner Peabody, because Abner has swapped their delivery car for a racehorse.
cast: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff, ZaSu Pitts, Grady Sutton
Films | comedy | black&white |  76mins.
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Superman Festival (1940s)  
A variety of Superman cartoon episodes from the WWII era.
cast: The Man of Steel - Superman!
Films | family | color | 110mins. | 320x240 | 454 mb | iPod | Free Download
The Avenger - The Legend of Aeneas  (1962)  
A film that deal with elements of the Aeneid of Virgil, concentrating on the exiled Trojans confrontation with the Etruscans.  Etruscan slavers opress the Trojans, leading to a revolt, started by Aeneas and his fellow gladiators.
cast: Steve Reeves, Carla Marlier, Liana Orfei
Films | adventure | color |  95mins. | 320x240 | 400 mb | MP4 | Free Download
Run Lola Run (a/k/a "Lola Rennt")  (1998) 
This is a wild thriller!  A woman in Germany has 20 minutes to save her small-
time criminal boyfriend's life after he loses 100,000 Deutschmarks belonging to
his boss accidentally.  In order to accomplish this, she must find and bring the
money to him before his boss finds out. (English subtitles) (German)
cast: Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup
Films | crime/thriller/foreign | color |  76mins. | 720x400 | 416 mb | XviD |  Trailer
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen  (1988) 
The fantastic tale of a 17th century aristocrat, his talented henchmen and a little girl in their efforts to save a town from defeat by the Turks. Being swallowed by a giant sea-monster a trip to the moon a dance with Venus, and an escape from the Grim Reaper, are only some of the improbable adventures.
cast: Robin Williams, Uma Thurman, John Neville, Jonathan Pryce, Oliver Reed
Films | action/adventure | color | 125mins. | 720x400 | 685 mb | XviD