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The Water Babies  (1978)  
This animated fantasy tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who discovers a
complex underwater world where young children are held prisoner by an evil
shark and an eel.
cast: James Mason, Bernard Cribbins, Billie Whitelaw, Joan Greenwood
Films | family/cartoons | color | 1hr:38mins. | 464x352 | 532 mb | XviD |  Trailer
Things to Come (H.G. Wells)  (1936)  
The story opens with a near-future forecast of 'Everytown' (London), a city threatened by world war. Pacifist intellectuals try to turn the tide but efforts go unheeded by the self-interested classes.  War arrives and continues for thirty
years - its original purpose forgotten. A new "Mad Max" type of society rules.
cast: Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson
Films | sci-fi/thriller | b&w | 1hr:33mins. | 320x240 | 384 mb | Free Download
Two Weeks to Live  (1943) 
Adaption from the Lum and Abner radio program.When Abner is mistakenly diagnosed as having only two weeks to live, his partner gets the idea that they can make a ton of money by having Abner perform all kinds of dangerous stunts.
cast: Franklin Pangborn, Kay Linaker, Irving Bacon
Films | comedy | color | 74mins. | 320x240 | 307 mb | Free Download
Till The Clouds Roll By  (1946)  
Documentary on the career of pioneering Hollywood composer Jerome Kern
featuring an All-Star cast!
cast: Lena Horne, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, June Allyson, Robert Walker
Films | musicals | b&w | 2hrs:15mins. | 320x240 | 553 mb | Free Download
The Wrestler  (2008)
20 years ago, Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, was a successful wrestler. After a
wrestling match, Randy has a heart attack and his doctor forbids him to use
steroids or wrestle again. He does not deal well with the world outside the
arena,and decides to return to the sport where he is recognized by his fans.
cast: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei
Films | sports/drama | color | 1hr:50mins. | 680x272 | 699 mb | DivX |  Trailer
They Made Me a Criminal  (1939)
Boxer Johnny Bradfield knocks out a rival in a postfight brawl. Thinking he committed murder, he flees to an Arizona ranch. Though he is relentlessly dogged by Detective Phelan, the Dead End Kids convince him to finance their future gas station by winning a high stakes prizefight.
cast: John Garfield, Dead End Kids, Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan
Films | crime/mystery | b&w | 91mins. | 320x240 | 379 mb | Free Download
The Three Musketeers  (1993)  
A retelling of the classic swashbuckling story of three swordsmen of the
French kings guard and young man who dreams to become one of them.
Jokes and stunts are the expected fare in this light hearted adventure. 
Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas. (English) (Swedish subtitles)
cast: Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Curry, Rebecca De Mornay
Films | action/adventure | color | 1hr:41mins. | 640x360 | 969 mb | XviD |  Trailer
The Treasure of Jamaica Reef (a/k/a "Evil in the Deep")  (1975)
A suspense filled adventure-drama about the search for a treasure-laden
Spanish Galleon that sank over 200 years ago.
cast: Stephen Boyd, Roosevelt 'Rosie' Grier, Chuck Woolery, Cheryl Ladd
Films | action/thriller | color | 92mins. | 320x240 | 381 mb | Free Download
Toxic Skies  (2008)  
Time is running out to find a cure and expose the government’s deadly
conspiracy!  A story about chemtrails (visible vapor that jets spray) and vaccine contamination. This is worth watching for those who know about chemtrails. 
For those who don't know - wake up.  This movie was not released in the U.S.
cast: Anne Heche, Peter Abrams
Films | sci-fi/drama | color | 90mins. | 704x400 | 700 mb | XviD
Uptown New York  (1932)  
Patricia Smith is a middle-class gal in love with Max Silver but Max is forced by
his ambitious family into a marriage to a girl he doesn't love. This marriage will
further his career in the medical profession, which he does, leaving Pat behind.
Pat meets a man named Eddie, and decides to marry him on the rebound.
cast: Jack Oakie, Shirley Grey, Leon Waycoff, Leon Ames
Films | romance | black&white | 80mins.
Virus (Fukkatsu no hi)  (1980)
A virus that was unleashed from the arsenal of the U.S. military threatens to destroy all vertebrate life on earth. Japanese film production.
cast: Sonny Chiba, Masao Kusakari, Glenn Ford, Robert Vaughn
Films | horror/sci-fi/thriller | color | 2hrs:36mins.
Utopia (a/k/a 'Atoll K and Robinson Crusoe Land')  (1951)  
This is the last film Laurel and Hardy made together.  It was filmed and
produced in Europe.
cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Suzy Delair, M. Elloy
Films | comedy | black&white | 82mins.
Under the Big Top  (1938)
A pretty young circus trapeze artist is pushed by her domineering mother to
be the best aerialist in the world.  A simple tale of love and romance among
trapeze artists in a traveling circus.
cast:  Marjorie Main, Anne Nagel, Jack La Rue
Films | romance | black&white | 64mins. | 320x240 | 236 mb | Free Download
War Of The Monsters ("Gamera tai Barugon")  (1966)
A giant monster that emits a destructive ray from its back attacks Japan and takes on Gamera!
cast: Gamera (as itself), Kojiro Hongo, Kyoko Enami, Yuzo Hayakawa
Films | sci-fi/thriller | black&white | 1hr:28mins.
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