The Living CHRIST (12-Chapter Series)  (1951)
The story of the life and death of JESUS CHRIST.
Chapters 9-12 (of the 12 chapter series): 9 - Fate of John the Baptist /
10 - Retreat and Decision / 11 - Triumph and Defeat / 12 - Crucifixion and
Resurrection.  Trailer
cast: Robert Wilson, Eileen Rowe, John Alvin 
Films | religion | color | 116mins. (approx.) | 640x360 / 720x576 |745 mb | XviD
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The Little Rascals  (1994)  
The sanctity of the He-Man Woman Haters Club is threatened when one of its
most respected members - Alfalfa falls in love - with of all things - a girl, Darla! 
It's up to Alfalfa's pal, Spanky, to set his pal straight before Alfalfa's
indiscretions jepordize the Club's chances of winning the big go-cart race!
cast: Travis Tedford, Kevin Jamal Woods, Jordan Warkol, Zachary Mabry
Films | family | color | 82mins. | 576x320 | 700 mb | XviD |  Trailer
The Live Wire  (1935)
A sailor finds an ancient vase on an uncharted island. He is later hired by
archaeologists to lead them back to the island. They discover the temples of
a lost civilization.
cast: Richard Talmadge, Alberta Vaughn, George Walsh
Films | comedy | black&white | 58mins.
The Living CHRIST (12-Chapter Series)  (1951)  
The story of the life and death of JESUS CHRIST.
Chapters 1-4 (of the 12 chapter series)1 - Holy Night / 2 - Escape to Egypt /
3 - Boyhood and Baptism / 4 - Men of the Wilderness.
cast: Robert Wilson, Eileen Rowe, John Alvin 
Films | religion | color | 116mins. (approx.) | 640x360 / 720x576 | 913 mb | XviD
The Lost World  (1925)  
The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land
where prehistoric creatures still roam.
cast: Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery
Films | sci-fi/thriller | b&w | 68mins. | 320x240 | 283 mb | Free Download
The Moment After  (1999)  
In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance has occurred. Moments after
the turmoil and confusion, the FBI is called in to investigate. For Agent Riley, it
is personal. For Agent Baker, it doesn't matter, it's just a job. Before long the
investigation turns toward a mysterious man and a para-military organization.
cast: David White, Kevin Downes, Brad Heller
Films | religion | color | 69mins.
The Monster Walks  (1932)  
A doctor, who keeps an ape for medical studies, dies and his daughter
inherits his estate. Her uncle, a paralytic, working through his natural son
by the housekeeper, plans her death, and the ape may or may not be involved.
cast: Rex Lease,  Vera Reynolds, Sheldon Lewis, Mischa Auer 
Films | horror/sci-fi | b&w | 60mins. | 320x240 | 240 mb | Free Download
The Mystery of Mr. Wong  (1939)  
A wealthy gem-collector gains possession of the largest star sapphire in the
world, the 'Eye of the Daughter of the Moon', after it has been stolen in China.
The gem-collector confides to Mr. Wong that his life is in danger, is
mysteriously shot dead, and the gem disappears.
cast: Boris Karloff, Grant Withers and Dorothy Tree
Films | mystery | black&white | 70mins. | 320x240 | 283 mb | Free Download
The Omega Code (Megiddo)  (1999)
A prophetic code hidden within the Torah. A sinister plot sealed until the end of
the Age. Two men are in a supernatural struggle to determine the fate of the
next millennium. For thousands of years, mystics and scholars have searched
for a key to unlock the mysteries of our future. The key has been found.
cast: Michael York, Casper Van Dien, Catherine Oxenberg, Michael Ironside
Films | religion | color | 1hr:41mins.
The Miracle Kid  (1941)  
Jimmy has promised Pat to give up the ring after his next fight, which unknown
to him, is fixed in his favor. When his opponent claims he was hexed, sports
writers dub him 'Kid Hex'. His sleazy manager spreads gossip that the
Jimmy casts spells when he's fighting.  A reporter sets out to find the truth.
cast: Tom Neal, Carol Hughes, Vickie Lester
Films | drama/sports | black&white | 67mins.
The Oklahoma Kid  (1939)  
McCord's gang robs the stage carrying money to pay Natives for their land, and
the notorious outlaw "The Oklahoma Kid", Jim Kincaid, takes the money from
McCord. He stakes a "sooner" claim on land so he gets control of gambling and
saloons. When Kincaid's father runs for mayor, McCord frames him for murder.
cast: James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Rosemary Lane, Rosemary Lane
Films | westerns | black&white | 80mins. | 512x400 | 700 mb | XVID |  Trailer
The Mysterious Mr. Wong  (1934)
Investigating a series of murders in Chinatown, wise-guy reporter Jason Barton
is captured by the megalomaniacal Mr. Wong, desperately trying to complete
his collection of the twelve gold coins of Confucius, with which he will be able
to acquire the power to become ruler of a large province in China.
cast:  Boris Karloff
Films | mystery | black&white | 51mins. | 320x240 | 205 mb | Free Download
The Living CHRIST (12-Chapter Series)  (1951)
The story of the life and death of JESUS CHRIST.
Chapters 5-8 (of the 12 chapter series): 5 - Challenge of Faith / 6 - Discipleship /
7 - Return to Nazareth / 8 - Conflict.
cast: Robert Wilson, Eileen Rowe, John Alvin 
Films | religion | color | 114mins. (approx.) | 640x360 / 720x576 | 814 mb | XviD
The Omega Code 2  (2001)
Megiddo is a supernatural ride into a world teetering on the edge of the Apocalypse. It follows the rise of a Machiavellian leader bent on amassing the armies of the world for the battle of Armageddon while calamities of Biblical proportions pummel the Earth.
cast: Michael York, Michael Biehn, Brian Trenchard-Smith
Films | religion | color | 1hr:42mins.
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