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Members Promotions
Q:   What do I receive when I join?
A:   All Members are watching all of the great titles in the entire Catalog!  Join now and you can
      start watching now - as much as you want and when you want:
      * Unlimited access to all of the Movies, T.V., Videos, Music, Radio, Trailers in the Catalog.
      * Select features of all genres that are vintage, old, rare finds, non-releases in the U.S.,
        world cinema and current releases.
      * No Rental Fees!  All features are unlimited to watch, listen and enjoy.
      * Login, choose your selections and watch everything at anytime - Easy.
      * Receive Free Downloads - find these selections throughout the Catalog, choose what
        want and download instantly!
      * Get Free Gift DVDs and CDs downloads which are offered in the "Members Promotions"
        section based upon the number of downloads that you purchase.  
      * Purchase great selections of high-quality DVD and CD downloads for $5, and receive
        them immediately.  
      * New features are added daily.  When you login, find more selections in the Catalog.
      * Search for features when you login - this is only some of the content in the Catalog.
      * Get the features, downloads, gifts and much more!  
      Access everything in just a moment:  Theater, 3D Virtual World, Forum and More!  Join here
Q:  How long does it take to join?
A:  It takes just a moment to join - start now and you can Login within minutes.  Watch it all and
     no rental fees!  Your membership will continue for as long as you choose to remain a
Q:  Can I access and watch everything without rental fees?
A:   Yes!  When you join, you have unlimited access to watch everything as much as you want,
      when you want.  Login, select what you want, and watch it all with no rental fees per title!
Q:  How can I enjoy all of the features on
A:  No installation needed - Watch it all online via your PC, Mac and Mobile Players in HD
     (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition), and certain features need the free Divx Player.
Q:  Do I need to log in to play my downloads?
A:  No.  You don't have to log in to the website to enjoy your downloads!  All free and purchased
     downloads are for you to keep permanently.  You can play them whenever you want on your
     own video/audio players.  You can also burn (copy) them to DVDs and CDs, and upload them
     on your mobile devices of your choice
Q:  How do I choose my selections?
A:  Choose your features in the entire Catalog, click it and watch it all online.
Q:  Is the Catalog updated?
A:  Yes! New Features are added daily to the Catalog.
Q:  How do I get Free Gifts?
A:  When you purchase downloads, you receive Free Gift DVDs and CDs based on your purchase
     order.  Members are offered these quality gifts in the "Members Promotions" section.  You pay
    absolutely nothing for gift offers.  Get these free gifts now in Members Promotions.
Q:  Do I need to install anything in order to watch movies, etc.?
A:  No.  Just click and play all selections.  Watch everything online here at  As with all
     video websites, you must have the free Abode Flash and JavaScript enabled on your
     computer in order to watch the videos on your Internet browser.
Q:  Can I adjust the screen size when viewing movies, etc.?
A:  Yes.  You can change the screen size by making it smaller or larger according
to your
Q:  When I join, are there any additional fees?
A:  At this time, the only additional fees are for download purchases - there is no charge for free
     downloads and free gift offers.  Your account will be charged for a small contribution of only
     $5 to cover expenses for the month.  You remain a Member with full benefits for
     as long as you want (you can cancel anytime with no further obligation). 
Q:  Will my account be charged after I cancel?
A:  No.  However, there is no refund for contributions since you have full access for that particular
     month when you join - you will continue to receive all Member benefits for that month until the
     end of that period.  Thereafter, you will not be charged for any months following and
     you no longer have any access to the website (your account is now closed).
If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact Customer Service (fill-out the
form on this page).
Thank you! 
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